vrijescholen.nl live

A new Craft CMS website.

Today we published the new website for the Vereniging van Vrijescholen:


Technically we implememented the website using Craft CMS, the content management solution of choice.

Front-end, design and layout: Duncan de Jong / DTAIL design.

Mobile pagespeed score: 97

Mobile pagespeed score: 97

We Realized for this Craft CMS websites mobile pagespeed index of 97! For desktop the score is 100.

This is... quite fast. The website is perfectly suited for both mobile and desktop devices.

Contribution to the Craft community

For Craft CMS many high quality plugins are available. Within this project we modified and enhanced an existing 3rd party plugin. This enhancement was accepted in the main branch, so now every Craft developer can take advantage out of this improvement.

Docker is back

We started using Docker again in our development workflow.


With our hosting proposition we can deploy faster sites with a higher pagespeed ranking.

Internal website Vrijescholen

We deployed a new Craft CMS website for the Vereniging van Vrijescholen

New migration to AWS Cloud

A migration to an autoscaling infrastructure. Setting up a deployment pipeline. Careless growth.


With some pride we worked to refactor one of our applications to a whitelabel application.

Symfony 4 upgrade

We completely refactored a project for upgrading from Symfony 3.x to the latest 4.x version


We are running two migrations to AWS S3, and are setting up CDN's.

A new life for a Craft 2 plugin

We modified one of our old Craft 2 plugins with an interesting feature.

CharlyCares Pagespeed

Higher Pagespeed/Lighthouse score for the Charly Cares website.

USMarkets.nl to Craft CMS

By the end of February 2019, we launched USMarkets.nl on Craft CMS!

vrijescholen.nl live

Today we published the new website for the Vereniging van Vrijescholen. We used the high quality Craft CMS to replace Wordpress.

Handheld Cloud

A mini cloud server that you can see working while holding it in your hand. The device can run in a production street.

Snap Service released

We created a snap service to communicate disappearing messages. Take a look at https://snap.24hoursmedia.com/

Cost calculation AWS

We calculated the costs for hosting an API at AWS. The client expects quick growth but of unknown size, so AWS Cloud may be a viable option.

Craft Comments Work plugin

Our CraftCMS plugin 'Comments Work' is now available in the plugin store. Let users leave comments to your Craft CMS based content.