Snap Service released

Create disappearing messages

We created a snap service to communicate disappearing messages. Take a look at

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Snap Service released

We created a snap service to communicate disappearing messages. Take a look at

Cost calculation AWS

We calculated the costs for hosting an API at AWS. The client expects quick growth but of unknown size.

Craft Comments Work plugin

Our CraftCMS plugin 'Comments Work' is now available in the plugin store. Let users leave comments to your Craft CMS based content.

API Stresstest

Today we conducted an API stresstest. For the test we used recordings of actual user sessions of an app.

GPDR compliance consent manager

Voor de AVG/GPDR ontwikkelden we een opt-in consent manager voor een project. Deze is voorzien van een api, zodat uit verschillende bronnen ingestemd kan worden.

React Native up-to-date

We managed to update a React Native application with the latest frameworks and libraries. The application is now stable and up to standards again. The app stores accepted the React Native application gracefully.

In-app video recording

We are developing a demo/proof of concept for video recording within React Native. Within an existing application the user will be able to submit and view recorded video content, with the purpose of starting an interactive dialogue.

ElasticSearch in the cloud

ElasticSearch is now deployed at Amazon Webservices for a client of us. Now we can scale in a virtually unlimited fashion, as needed. By using AWS for Elastic, a lower price/hr is achieved (starting at US$30) compared to other SaaS providers. The installation is almost maintenance free.

Serverless Architecture

For an API middleware project we designed a completely serverless cloud architecture.