Reactions Craft CMS plugin

Add to any content

Any element is supported

Support site

Support site with examples available

Add your own

Support for custom reaction types

Reactions plugin for Craft CMS

We created a new plugin for Craft CMS. With this plugin, you can add 'Facebook style' reactions to any content element. 'Like', 'Wow', 'Angry' ... or add up to 5 of your own custom reactions.

Go to the support site of the plugin for more information.

Translation component

A translation component in Symfony, with API and control panel.

Craft plugin

We launched a Craft CMS 'poll' plugin in the plugin store.

Faster and safer with Cloudflare

Boost the safety, performance of your website with Cloudflare CDN.

Geo algorithm

We developed a geo algorithm for a complex problem.

Sailing away

Craft CMS website moved to LightSail server - performance boost!

Docker is back

We started using Docker again in our development workflow.