A new life for a Craft 2 plugin

A client of us had a site that had a problem processing 'jobs'. They frequently failed or were stalled, blocking any further job processing.

Luckily, we once created a Craft 2 task runner plugin (the craft taskrunner plugin) that could process the Craft jobs async by a cron job, instead of through Control Panel Ajax requests.

However, there appeared to be also a problem with a job itself, causing exceptions and a task to get stalled. The job was created by a 3rd party plugin, and probably related to concurrent database inserts or updates.

Hence we modified the plugin to implement a feature that is hugely missed in Craft 2 and Craft 3 task management: the possibility to automatically retry a job several times before it fails.

Now all jobs are being processed correctly, and the site runs fine again.

AWS migration

Progress update on the current AWS migration project

Load and stress test

Test your cloud infrastructure with K6

Gobot RPI sim

A GPIO pin simulator for RPI written in Golang

Reactions Craft CMS plugin

A new Craft CMS plugin to add Facebook style reactions

Translation component

A translation component in Symfony, with API and control panel.

Craft plugin

We launched a Craft CMS 'poll' plugin in the plugin store.