ElasticSearch in the cloud

ElasticSearch is now deployed at Amazon Webservices for a client of us. Now we can scale in a virtually unlimited fashion, as needed. By using AWS for Elastic, a lower price/hr is achieved (starting at US$30) compared to other SaaS providers. The installation is almost maintenance free.

Reactions Craft CMS plugin

A new Craft CMS plugin to add Facebook style reactions

Translation component

A translation component in Symfony, with API and control panel.

Craft plugin

We launched a Craft CMS 'poll' plugin in the plugin store.

Faster and safer with Cloudflare

Boost the safety, performance of your website with Cloudflare CDN.

Geo algorithm

We developed a geo algorithm for a complex problem.

Sailing away

Craft CMS website moved to LightSail server - performance boost!