CharlyCares Pagespeed

We optimized the PageSpeed / Lighthouse score for the website
The pagespeed score rised from 'low' to the normal range.

Some externals scripts still depress the score. We advised to limit these scripts, doing so will result in a major rise.

Google ranking is partly determined by the pagespeed score. The pagespeed score became more important last year.

For the Vereniging van Vrijescholen we achieved a mobile ranking of the highest class (100 or a little lower)!

AWS migration

Progress update on the current AWS migration project

Load and stress test

Test your cloud infrastructure with K6

Gobot RPI sim

A GPIO pin simulator for RPI written in Golang

Reactions Craft CMS plugin

A new Craft CMS plugin to add Facebook style reactions

Translation component

A translation component in Symfony, with API and control panel.

Craft plugin

We launched a Craft CMS 'poll' plugin in the plugin store.